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As many PHR readers know, I created HistoryAtOurHouse–the ultimate history resource for homeschoolers–over five years ago.  It has grown by leaps and bounds in that time, and even spawned two (and soon more) associated product lines. Here are some relevant links to explore, for those of you interested in the potential for an educational revolution through sound pedagogy and the distance learning paradigm:

HistoryAtOurHouse Links

ScienceAtOurHouse Links


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The past year has been an incredibly busy time for me, with the launch of new products and a trip around the world, but I’m back, with some exciting announcements for the coming months!

For both those of you new to Powell History and those who’ve been around from the start, let me get you caught up on the history of Powell History, as well as recent goings-on.

For over five years Powell History has provided an unmatched educational experience for history students of all ages.  In 2006, the first sessions of “A First History for Adults, Part 1 (The Story of America)” were offered to students across the United States and the world.   A year later, History At Our House—the ultimate history resource for homeschoolers—was launched, making live professional history instruction available to homeschooled children of elementary grades everywhere.

Both products have grown by leaps and bounds.  Over the the past four years, A First History for Adults has expanded to include:

Part 2 – Europe: Context and Foil
Part 3 – The Islamist Entanglement
Part 4 – The Ancient Background,

…and European History Through Art for adults!

HistoryAtOurHouse has grown even more rapidly along side, as a fully integrated curriculum, offering a three-year program rotation of ancient, European, and American history for students from second to twelfth grade.

In 2010, the HistoryAtOurHouse model was adopted to begin making a wider range of homeschooling products available with the launch of MusicAtOurHouse, a music history and appreciation program taught by composer M. Zachary Johnson.

ScienceAtOurHouse was added to the growing array of programs available in 2011, and is currently enjoying great success thanks to work of curriculum director Dr. John Krieger of VanDamme Academy and life science instructor Rachel Miner.  Based on early progress in this venture, we plan to expand ScienceAtOurHouse into a three-year program rotation of life science, physical science, and earth science for students from 2nd to 9th grade.

2012 promises to be the best year yet with new curriculum offerings for children and adults alike.  Plans are in the works for literature, math, and physics in the coming years.   And for students of history — both homeschoolers and life-long learners — the coming year will be extremely exciting:  our focus will shift to the history of Asia.  A First History for Adults, Part 5: Japan, China and India – will begin this summer! — exploring the theme of the subordination of the major eastern cultures to western civilization and the evolving responses of each of them, which will play a crucial role in shaping the world we live in.

History At Our House will also focus on Asia in the coming year, breaking from its fundamental three year program rotation of ancient, European, and American history for a unique spectrum of courses on Asia, including units on the history of India, China, Japan, and the Middle East.

2012 is also the year when Powell History’s product lines will move to a new on-line platform developed by Cando.Com.

The new PHR blog and newsletter will serve as the vehicle for news on these exciting developments. It will also serve the broader purpose of promoting the unique value of history using Powell History methods.  Please look for the upcoming feature articles on The Five “I“s of the Powell History philosophy of history, and a stream of articles in which that philosophy will be put into action!

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The HistoryAtOurHouse blog, home to news about the world’s premier homeschooling history curriculum for children, features the following recent articles:

A Classic Tribute to the American Sense of LifeRuggles of Red Gap: a “must see” movie from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

In Defense of Heroification: Leutze’s “Crossing the Delaware” — Modern critic James Loewen claims history is subject to a degenerative process called “heroification.” Leutze’s Crossing, however, is entirely justified hero worship.

Jefferson Outsmarts Napoleon — HistoryAtOurHouse students Dane and Hayden van Slooten present “Kid Komics.” There first rendering offers a new take on the negotiation of the Louisiana Purchase!

Secular Homeschooling — What is it exactly? And what does secular history instruction look like?


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HistoryAtOurHouse, the world’s premiere secular homeschooling history program, is enjoying a terrific start to the new academic year.

Students from Massachusetts to Bangladesh are enjoying this year’s American History program, which is delivered using the same means as the “A First History for Adults” Curriculum.

This year’s program is unique in a number of ways.  For one, this is the first year of the History Through Art program, which both enhances student’s appreciation of the importance of what they are learning in history, and their appreciation of the nature of great visual art.  To date, students have enjoyed paintings such as “The Grey Cardinal,” by Jean-Leon Gerome, which concretizes the power of religion in European culture, and “Columbus at Salamanca,” by William Powell, which dramatizes Columbus’s independence.

Students also enjoyed learning Poetry related to the story of Columbus, including “Columbus,” by Joaquin Miller, and “Columbus” by Edward Everett Hale.

Having covered the European background to the Story of America as well as the Age of Discovery, the program is now moving to the period of Colonization and Colonial Wars.

For more news and details about the HistoryAtOurHouse program, and for information on how you can sign up your child (registration is open year-round), visit the program’s blog.

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My lecture on “The State of History,” offered to an audience of homeschooling parents on July 23rd, is now available on-line at: www.historyatourhouse.com.

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