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If Yara’s hubby wants to make her feel better about her strip-searching ordeal at the hands of the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, he’ll have to go with chocolates, because roses are out!

The same commission that arrested Yara for sitting alone with a man in a Starbucks now wants to discourage men and women from straying from the path by putting the kibosh on Valentine’s Day–which seems strange because putting a “kibosh” on something may derive from a Turkish practice of talking nonsense, or “bosh,” and ever since the Turks tried to force the Arabians to put the “ki-bosh” on slave trading in 1857, the Saudis haven’t much liked the Turks, Turkish Delight, Turkish ideas, or Turkish-derived words! 😉

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On this day in history, 1698, Tsar Peter the Great’s program to “westernize” Russia underwent an important “surge.”  In a bid to force the nobility to abandon their eastern customs, Peter implemented a tax on beards! 

Considering how well Russia’s westernization went, and considering the historical record concerning non-bearded Muslim political leaders, I don’t think this is something the Iraqi government should be looking at. 😉

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