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Unlike modern historians, I am a huge fan of Christopher Columbus.  I would rank him as one of the ten most important men in history–and for the good!  So Powell History is going to celebrate not just Columbus Day, but as a small measure of justice for a man so wrongly villified in our modern culture, a week of Columbus-related posts highlighting his achievements and his significance in world history.

Columbus Portrait

Christopher Columbus (c.1451-1506)
the most important explorer in world history

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In my very recent move from OC to Houston, my family “self-moved,” and as we trucked down the I8 and (just past Phoenix) the I10, I was struck by the sad fact that these highways have now basically become a second border with Mexico, and I was driven to reflect on what this means in terms of America’s cultural decline.

During the last school year, as I was getting to the end of European history (which I taught to elementary grade children across the country) I explained some of the important differences between the Western and Eastern Europe during the Cold War.  Among these, I highlighted the fact that within Western European countries, citizens had freedom of movement, whereas in Eastern Europe, not only was there an “iron curtain” keeping you in, but you also had to justify your movement within your own country to the government.

This has started happening in the US as a result of the failure of our culture to answer the rightful demand for immigration. If you want to travel on the interstates near the Mexican border, you must now be prepared to justify yourself to government agents.

At this point, I would rate the border patrol’s presence on these roads as relatively innocuous (kind of like the first income tax), but the fact that they are there at all is the problem.

Apart from the laughable notion that the “fix” for the apparent problem of having a porous border is to create a second far more porous one, what really worries me is that the people of America are allowing the erection of a larger and larger government apparatus (including new state and federal initiatives to crack down on employers) to deal with a perceived threat that is no threat at all.  

Ironically, by denying these rights to others, Americans are allowing their own freedoms to be eroded.

It’s time every American stood up for el sueno Americano.  It is everyone’s right, and it hurts everyone not to recognize it.

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This post is no longer available.  Thank you, Scott Powell.

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Hi folks!  I’m in Houston, scouting out a new home base for Powell History.

Anyone who has ever moved their family knows what a big undertaking it is, but those who take my classes will especially appreciate what it means to say that a new period is beginning in my life.  And it’s connected to the most exciting product I’ve ever developed–a veritable revolution in education–to be announced here, at PHR, very soon.

I always remembered Houston as a beautiful city, having visited back in 1996, but now that I’ve returned and had a chance to take a closer look around, I’m even more excited that Powell History will soon call Houston home!

For one thing, coming from Orange County, where real estate prices are simply outrageous, it’s amazing to face the prospect of moving out of a tiny aparment into a 4BDRM house–and know that I will pay LESS for it! Also, Texas has no state income tax!  So not only have my wife an I been blessed with the addition of Patrick Henry (now seven months old) into our lives, but now we actually have a place we can raise him in style.


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Hello world!

Greetings, and welcome to the Powell History Recommends blog. 

If you’re already a Powell History student, you’ll find all kinds of things here to boost your enjoyment of the course, including book recommendations, links to history in the news, links to unique material that complements what you’re learning, and opportunities for you to share what you’ve learned with the world!

If you’re new to Powell History, then the PHR can help you to learn about the acclaimed A First History for Adults™ curriculum, find the best history resources around, and develop a new appreciation for the living past.

[Image] Mr Powell
Scott Powell 

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